3D Structural Design

3D Structural Design – Consulting Engineering Company

3D Structural Design is an engineering consulting firm that carries out design, consulting and production bases for load-bearing structures for all types of building structures.

We have many years of experience in 3D modeling in connection with calculation and construction, and our 3D models provide optimal decision-making from start-up to finished project.

Our employees have a solid background in calculations, design and production, and with this knowledge implemented, our 3D models get far more value than simple visualizations.

Our typical final product is a 100% detailed production model that provides a complete basis for the production and assembly of all structural parts.


Frilandsvej 113
9800 Hjørring

+45 98 92 51 00

Knud Hjortflod Nielsen
Telefon: 45 9956 4221/ 2213 5121
Mail: knud.nielsen@3D-sd.dk